We are proud take a liberty to offering our ships supply services to any of kind your vessel of well known to call at all major sea ports of Indonesia

Our company also ready to serve of your vessel well known to call at port of Indonesia with competitive and reasonable prices include payment credit owners as to term.
Our Favorable supply for following inquiries:
(1) Fresh/Frozen/Dry Provisions.
(2) Deck Stores - Engine Stores.
(3) Electrical Stores - Stationary.
(4) Navigation charts and publications.
(5) Marine safety equipments and Navigation.
(6) Main engine spare parts.
(7) Auxilary engine spare parts.
(8) Marine ropes (Nylon Ropes & Propylene ropes).
(9) Renewal Life Raft and servicing.
(10) CO2 and  Fire Extinguisher servicing.
(11) Hull and Deck repairing - Welding - Chipping - Rewinding.
(12) Workshop Technician Supply and Floating repair.
(13) Vessel at Shipyard material supply and Dry Docking Agency

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